MAXIM M1910(1/2 Scale)
Features:   Full steel & aluminium alloy assembly
Real wood handle
Adjustable rear sight
Weight:    5500 g
Length:    654 mm
Power type:    HPA
Muzzle Velocity:     390~420 FPS
Fire Modes:    Auto
Magazine Capacity:    1500rd Ammo Can

Maxim: The Maxims innovation was to harness the recoil potential of each round, a force strong enough to eject the used cartridge and draw in the next bullet. This design concept allowed the maxim to utilize a single barrel for automatic fire, unheard of during the era of the Gatling gun. The inventor Hiram Maxim also developed his own smokeless powder called cordite, which only improved the guns effectiveness in combat. Hiram Maxim’s invention would dramatically reshape battlefields during the great war, ushering in an era known as “the machine gun war”. The Maxim’s destructive abilities necessitated trench warfare as a defensive strategy forcing the battlefields of Europe to face continual stalemates. Some argue that the Maxim machine gun imposed the biggest evolutionary influence on the European battle grounds of the first world war, new inventions such as an air force and armoured tanks were a footnote compared to the impact of machine gun warfare during the early 21st century. Viva Arms has created both full scale or half scale replicas which follow the external characteristics of the real world Maxim meticulously, in the hopes to do the historical icon justice and also to provide collectors with a display piece that inspires.f manufacturing.